Warrnambool SDS and Standing Tall - one year in!

The Standing Tall program is just over one year in at both Warrnambool SDS and Emmanuel College and we are already seeing a resounding positive effect and outcomes as a result, which will only grow.

Standing Tall would like to thank Warrnambool SDS for partnering with the program and we enjoy seeing continued progress as we move forward.

Warrnambool Special Developmental School.

Warrnambool SDS is an innovative and vibrant school that is highly regarded for its educational programs and highly skilled staff. The school improves outcomes for students through a curriculum that focuses on the learning of academic, technological and social skills. The goal for our students is for each one to reach their highest potential and become responsible, valued, and productive global citizens and life-long learners.  

This is achieved by maximising their independence through the delivery of an age appropriate and personalised curriculum which is based on the Australian Curriculum.

As a school our commitment is to be inclusive, collaborative, connected and engaged, thus providing a safe environment and promoting student voice.

Warrnambool SDS, with 40 teaching, therapy and educational support staff, has a current enrolment of 120 students.  We expect that our students will develop respect for others and achieve personal excellence. We expect that they will experience success and that their achievements will be celebrated thereby promoting increased self-confidence.

I am proud to be the principal of a school that challenges the boundaries and expectations of what students with special needs can achieve.

Principal Robert Dowell


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Ross Morey